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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures such as labiaplasty (labia reduction and beautification) and vaginoplasty (tightening or rejuvenation of the vagina) are gaining popularity among many women as these procedures become more and more part of the mainstream. Still, these female cosmetic and reconstructive procedures are done by very few doctors so it is important to find a doctor that specializes in it.


Labiaplasty (sometimes spelled labioplasty and sometimes referred to as labial reduction) is plastic surgery of the labia majora and/or the labia minora, which are the external folds of skin surrounding the structures of the vulva. The procedure involves reducing elongated labia.

As recently as 1999, surgeons would perform labiaplasty by straight amputation of the protuberant sections and then suture the edges together. However, this procedure sometimes created a fragile and stiff suture line and eliminated the natural contour and pigmentation of the labia minora. Moreover, other procedural and clinical problems existed with amputation that did not ensure a favorable outcome. In recent years, lasers have been introduced to assist in the procedure.


Non-reconstructive vaginoplasty or "vaginal rejuvenation" is used to restore vaginal tone and appearance, largely by removing excess tissue and tightening supportive structures. The rejuvenation procedure is intended to reduce or undo effects of age and childbearing. The vagina and its supporting muscles and tissues often become stretched and torn during childbirth.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Labiaplasty is almost always an outpatient procedure performed under anesthesia. It is debated as to whether a local or short general anesthetic delivers better patient comfort. After surgery, patients may experience some mild discomfort and variable swelling, which usually disappear for the most part after one to two weeks. Recovery times ranging from three days to two weeks are claimed on surgeons’ websites.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Risks

According to many doctors, the risks associated with vaginal rejuvenation surgery are considerably less than the risks that are connected to giving birth. The laser version of vaginal rejuvenation is generally less risky than traditional vaginal rejuvenation surgery and involves a shorter recovery period. In a rare number of cases a patient of vagina rejuvenation surgery can experience hemorrhaging or can develop an infection that requires antibiotics or in the most serious of cases will necessitate a second surgery.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Costs

Depending on your choice of doctor and geographic location vaginal rejuvenation costs may range between $3500 and $8000.

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