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Types of Lasers

Because of today's technology, there are many types of lasers that exist. Each laser has a specific set of features that have pros and cons depending on the candidate's skin color and hair color. These state of the art lasers, when in the hands of an expert hair removal specialist, can achieve excellent results on different skin types, hair types and hair colors. All of these hair removal lasers are considered to be effective and safe for permanent hair reduction.

There are four different kinds of lasers on the market today that are used for laser hair removal.

1. Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite laser can also be used for a range of skin types. It produces reddish light just at the limit of visibility at 755nm. With its large (up to 18mm) spot size and high repetition rate, the Alexandrite laser is the fastest hair removal laser, and is suitable for rapid treatment of large body areas in patient with light to olive complexion. An entire back can be treated in less than 30 minutes. Along with the Diode laser (below), the Alexandrite is the most widely used laser for hair removal.

2. Ruby Laser

The Ruby laser is used for people with lighter skin. The ruby laser can also be used at a lower power on darker skin types as well. Because it hasa small spot size, it is good for smaller areas. It is the "original " hair removal laser. Its deep red color at 694nm is very well absorbed by the melanin pigment in hair, making it an excellent choice for fine and light hair. However, because melanin is present in the skin as well, the Ruby laser cannot be used on patients with darker skin, including tanned skin. Because of this limitation, and their high power consumption, slow repetition rate, and relatively small spot size, Ruby lasers have become less popular for laser hair removal in recent years.

3. Diode Laser

The Diode laser can treat a wider range of skin types because of its longer wavelength. It is the simplest laser, consisting of a high power laser diode emitting infrared (invisible) light at ~800-808nm. The longer wavelength allows deep penetration into the skin and safety for darker skin types, but with less efficacy for lighter and finer hair. Larger spot sizes and fast repetition rates are available, allowing rapid treatment of large body areas..

4. Nd-YAG Laser

The long pulse Nd- Yag Laseris the "newest" hair removal laser. Because it's 1064nm infrared beam is poorly absorbed by skin and pigment, it may be safely used in all skin types, including tanned patients. Large spot sizes and fast repetition rates allow large areas to be treated quickly. Disadvantages include more discomfort during treatment and less effective clearance for fine and light hairs than the other hair removal lasers.

All of these lasers are considered to be effective and safe for permanent hair removal.

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