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Smart Lipo

By Joshua Berkowitz

More and more women and men want to look and feel better about themselves but, despite working out and losing weight, some areas of fat are simply far too difficult to reduce. This is where Smart Lipo or lipo can help.

Smart Lipo is a remarkable treatment using a laser to melt away unwanted fat deposits. The Smart Lipo laser has been used extensively and is known to be safe and effective. It offers a simple way to remove unwanted fat deposits and the procedure is performed under sterile conditions in a special smartlipo theatre. The treatment is minimally invasive and the body can be shaped and contoured. In layman’s terms, SmartLipo is like ‘laser liposuction’. It is however much safer than conventional liposuction. Smart Lipo is better than other treatments because the laser energy also interacts with the skin which results in proper skin shrinkage and tightening.

The smart lipo laser lipolysis works as follow. The area of fat to be removed is infiltrated with local anaesthetic and a very fine (1mm) laser probe is then inserted directly into the fat to be removed. The laser beam is then methodically guided throughout the area and the liquefied fat is absorbed by your lymphatic system and the fat excreted.

The cost of liposuction is much higher than Smart Lipo laser lipolysis, both in terms of money and trauma. Doctors for Smart Lipo know that this laser is safe, and the results are simply amazing! A single treatment will take up to 1 - 2 hours (depending upon the area/areas treated) and is usually sufficient to get a good result, although a small percentage of patients may need a second treatment. Patients with health issues need not be excluded but special precautions may be needed.

There is usually very little bruising swelling or pain after the treatment. The patient will be asked to wear a compression garment for up to 2 weeks after the treatment and they can usually return to most normal activities the next day. Most reasonably healthy patients can be treated and this should be discussed at a consultation with your smart lipo doctor.

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