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By Jason Montag

Everyone has a lot of extra fat and cellulite they would like to remove from their body. There are also a ton of options you can choose from for help. The options for weight loss products range from bars and shakes all the way to the surgical procedures like liposuction. The bars and shakes in many cases are bogus and do not really work and the surgical procedures do work for some things but not for others. The one thing that does work very well is mesotherapy. Not a whole lot of people are familiar with mesotherapy and that is what we want to clear up for those of you doing research on ways to lose fat.

Mesotherapy is a procedure that consists of injections of various medications and vitamins into the skin to break down the cellulite that has built up in the specific area. The main goal of mesotherapy is to sculpt oneís body, reduce their cellulite and to rejuvenate their skin. Cellulite is the major reason that we have found that people seek out this procedure. Cellulite is basically the bumpy and dimply texture of the skin caused by the hardened connective tissue that holds the cells of fat together. The basic idea is that the fat cells expand from the additional fat entering or water retention and the connective tissue called septae expands with it. The connective tissue solidifies and when the fat cells shrink or expand further the tissue holds the skin in place and that creates the dimples in the skin. There is a more scientific way to put it but that is the general principle.

Mesotherapy is used to do a bunch of things of which a few of them are get rid of fat clumps, improve blood flow to body parts, soften and eliminate cellulite as well as improve lymphatic drainage. These are some great things for both the personís self image and the health of their body.

Mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure so there is not lag time between the procedure and the returning to work. There are no anesthesiasís to deal with nor any hospital stays to worry about. Continue to do your research and figure out if mesotherapy is for you.

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