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The Truth About Liposuction

By Jitesh Arora

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which is used world wide but like all other surgeries it is also having possible risks and complications. Some patients have loose skin after liposuction procedure due to removal of excessive fat. People who are having less elastic skin have possibility to have stretch marks after the operation. Post operative scars of liposuction are unavoidable but they can be hidden with the help of natural skin creams. Sometimes skin discoloration is seen in the area of operation. In some cases skin necrosis is seen due to injury of some blood vessels during the surgery. Temporary loss of skin sensation is also common in post operative period.Massaging the treatment area can help in fast restoration of the sensation.

Swelling and edema are also common post operative complications which can be minimized with the help of elastic bandages. In many patients skin irregularities and wrinkles are seen after the procedure of liposuction. Some people experience changes in size and contour of the area on which liposuction is performed. Sometimes people complain stabbing pain and spasms in the post surgical areas.

Temporary depression is seen in some women who has gone under the surgery. Like all other surgeries patient undergone liposuction has risk of infections. Infections can be prevented if antibiotics are prescribed after the surgery. If you are a healthy person without history of any serious diseases then you are at a lesser risk of different complications of the surgical procedure. The people who are smokers are at greater risk of complications of every surgical procedure.

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