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Lipodissolve Treatments

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Lipodissolve is a customized cosmetic program. The number of treatments your friend or sister received may not be the same number you will need.

The number of treatments any patient will receive is totally dependant on the individual's needs and desires and the extent of treatment needed in the selected areas. A lipodissolve specialist will be able to give you an accurate idea of how many treatments you will require on your initial consultation.

A typically practice protocol among lipodissolve specialists is to begin the treatment with a single session and then space out the treatments about 4-6 weeks apart.

Once the desired results are achieved the patient may choose to return for a "maintenance" session every two-three months or as they see fit.

Usually a patient will see results after the third visit, on occasion sooner and sometimes later.

How Can I Measure Success?

In lipodissolve, because the technique and procedure are designed to "Body Shape" success is measured by inches lost, not by weight.

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