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All medical procedures carry risks, however in the hands of qualified, highly trained health care professionals, many agree that lipodissolve is a very low risk procedure. Performed in a sterile atmosphere in a medical setting, lipodissolve offers limited health risks because it is performed on a fully conscious patient and does not require anesthesia. In addition there is no post-operative recovery time or the need for heavy compression bandages and girdles (as post treatment infection risk is very minimal.)

Allergic Reactions

If you are allergic to soy or to any other ingredients in the formula, it is possible that you could have an anaphylactic reaction requiring emergency intervention. You need to inform your physician regarding any allergies you may have. There is always a possibility of an allergic reaction to the lipodissolve solution even if one is not allergic to soy. However, because of the greatly diluted amount of the injected ingredients, these reactions should be minimal. Any possibility of an allergic reaction should be discussed with your physician before undertaking any procedure.

Risk From The Medications

Lipodissolve can be effective using incredibly minute and diluted amounts of medications, substantially limiting medication induced side effects. Complications can result if too much medication is used. It is very important to discuss the amount of medication that will be used with your doctor.

Risks From The Needles

Because a needle is used, there is a small risk of infection at the site of the injections. Other side- effects brought on by the injection may include: mild or minor bruising, redness or swelling at the injection site. Typically this resolves within a few days. Risk from injections is something you should discuss with your physician.

Other Side Effects

Immediately after treatment, a patient may experience light-headedness or slight nausea. This feeling should pass quickly. For several days afterwards and sometimes for several weeks, the area treated will be swollen and will feel tender to the touch.

Serious Complications

The most serious complication is blistering in the treated area that if left untreated causes the skin at the blister site to die (necrosis), causing temporary skin loss and possible scarring. The chance of this happening can be greatly reduced by ensuring that the treated area is not constricted in any way by tight clothing, belts or elastic waist bands. Blisters that become infected require immediate attention by a physician who can prescribe antibiotic ointments if necessary.

Choosing a Lipodissolve Doctor

It is very important that when choosing a lipodissove or mesotherapy doctor that you choose a practitioner that has been trained and licensed in this area. Always choose a health practitioner that has the proper credentials for the procedure you are interested in and make sure they are licensed to practice in their state.

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