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Leg Hair Removal

Certain male bicyclists shave their legs often. This is usually ostensibly done because road rash heals faster without the presence of leg hair (and is easier to clean). Aesthetics, fitting in with their cycling peers, and "feeling faster" (without the feel of wind resistance on body hair) are other common reasons. It also helps the lycra bike pants to 'stick' to the skin better with shaved legs. It also allows the sweat to dry up in the bike pants rather than stay under them in the hair. Absence of leg hair also presumably reduces the pain one might feel on the hair being pulled while wearing tight bike pants.

Swimmers shave their legs to reduce friction in the water. It is primarily for the enhanced sensation provided by recently shaved skin. It creates the feeling of speed in the water, and provides more of a "mental boost" than the minimal decrease in drag provided by shaving the legs.

Many athletes also shave their legs and/or bodies to facilitate therapeutic massage that is frequently a part of their training or post-race recovery programs. They may also shave their legs if they tape protective gear to them to prevent the tape from pulling painfully on the hair when removed.

It is also practiced by male models and bodybuilders, since it tends to show off muscle better.

There are many hair removal methods such as shaving (the most popular among men), waxing and creams, but one of the newest forms of permanent hair removal for men is laser hair removal. This type of treatment is classified as permanent hair reduction when compared to other methods such as shaving, waxing or creams which are only temporary. Read more about What is Laser Hair removal?

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