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Pubic Laser Hair Removal

By Oliver Turner

It is now possible to remove your pubic hair using pubic laser hair removal. The removal of pubic hair is basically dependant on many factors like hair strand thickness and density, skin color and hair color. It is the physician who will evaluate these choices and choose the best laser system for each patient. That’s why it is better to approach the best physician for your pubic laser hair removal as they will know the best choice for you.

Of all the methods of pubic hair removal, it is considered that pubic laser hair removal is one of the best ways to remove pubic hair. This is because the bikini area invites folliculitis, infection and inflammation of hair follicles. This often leads to itchy and painful lesions and sometimes secondary hyper pigmentation and darkening of the skin.

With laser hair removal, hair growth is reduced or eliminated while folliculitis diminished or stopped. Some laser systems are also beneficial in reducing hyper pigmentation and persistent skin redness which occurred from earlier attacks of folliculitis. So it is the advantage of having a bikini area that is devoid of hair, discoloration and irritation that entices people to opt for pubic laser hair removal.

When compared to other forms of hair removal like electrolysis, waxing and depilatory creams, pubic laser hair removal accomplishes a near permanent reduction in pubic hair. Moreover the procedure is quick and easily tolerated. The hair that remains also reduces in diameter to make them less of a cosmetic issue while reducing the irritation of hair follicle.

So it can be seen that pubic laser hair removal is a procedure that is carried out with high patient satisfaction. And as lasers are medical devices needing high level of expertise to use it, pubic laser hair removal has to be done in a physician office that specializes in the procedure for best effects, and safety through the procedure.

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