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Facial Hair Removal


Facial Hair Removal Women

The most common area of growth for facial hair on women is usually on the upper lip, chin and sides of the face. Often times the excessive hair growth can be a result of hormonal changes and should be determined before embarking on a laser hair removal treatment program. A good physician should be able to determine the cause of the growth.

Laser hair removal is by far the most popular form of permanent hair reduction available today. Read more about What is Laser Hair Removal? Other methods that are used for hair removal are shaving, waxing. tweezing, threading, creams and electrolysis. Read more information on other hair removal methods.

Facial Hair Removal Men

Men who dislike shaving and want to achieve a more permanent reduction can benefit from laser hair removal. This can eliminate the need to shave every day. Laser hair removal treatments can also be used in reducing the amount of hair in areas such as their eyebrows, giving men a cleaner appearance.

Laser hair removal is FDA approved and is considered a relatively painless procedure. Several sessions will be necessary, but the results should be long lasting.

Laser hair removal results in permanent hair reduction. The laser doesn't necessarily remove 100% of the hair in an area. Although generally the majority of hair in an area can be removed, most people require several treatments and may have to follow up with electrolysis for any remaining hairs to be cleared.

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