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Chest Hair Removal

The attitudes towards chest hair vary between different cultures and times. In some cultures, it is a symbol for virility and masculinity; other societies display a hairless body as a sign of youthfulness. Some people find men with a lot of chest hair very sexually arousing. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome male statues did not show any chest hair. Even on paintings and sculptures from Middle Ages to modern times men were often portrayed without any hair on their anterior torso.

While in the early and middle twentieth century the attitude towards hair on the chest was largely indifferent, there was a late twentieth century trend within Western societies to remove chest hair. Some young men in their teens and twenties, especially in the United States and those involved in beach culture, removed their chest hair. The removal of body hair (depilation and epilation) by men was labelled by the personal hygiene industry as manscaping. This public trend, distributed by the media, began in the United States and spread to other Western societies. Many companies catered to men looking for ways to remove their chest hair, such as Nair for Men and Nads for Men. The twenty-first century has seen a small backlash against this feminization of men and against the so-called metrosexuals. While most men depicted in fashion advertising still have no chest hair, a few exceptions can now be seen. In the West, chest hair is largely regarded as sexy and a sign of virility and masculinity. Removing or maintaining chest hair ultimately depends on one's individual preference, which can be influenced by what is considered most attractive.

Many men use various methods when it comes to hair removal. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular forms of permanent hair removal (reduction) available today. For more information, read What is Laser Hair Removal? Other examples of temporary hair removal are shaving, waxing and creams. Read more about these other hair removal methods.

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