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Cellulite, you can't live with it. But how to get rid of cellulite? Treatments for cellulite reduction have been few and far between. Finally, there's a cellulite treatment that actually works to improve the appearance of unsightly and embarrassing cellulite. It's called mesotherapy!

Cellulite and you ... You are not alone!

Cellulite (Scientifically speaking Dermatomyoliposclerosis or DMLS) is a condition that according to numerous sources affects 90%-95% of women. It does not matter if you are obese, overweight, normal weight, or underweight, cellulite is not a condition dependant on how much you weigh.

Cellulite is not attractive, it can appear on many parts of the body although it favors the hips, buttocks and thighs.

Something is not right.

Cellulite is not the norm, if you have cellulite, something "abnormal" is happening in your skin and fat cells, particularly the subcutaneous (or top level) level of the skin tissue. Mesotherapy is a cellulite treatment that seeks to correct this abnormality by attacking those things which cause cellulite to develop in the first place.

The Formation Of Collagen

In common terms, cellulite is caused mainly because of a "drainage problem" and strangled fat.

Fat cells are living things that are necessary things for the survival of our species. In women, fat cells are arranged a little bit differently than men (which is why cellulite does not usually affect men) because women, since the birth of time, carry more fat and less muscle than men.

The lumpy, bumpy, "orange peel," or "cottage cheese" appearance of cellulite is caused by "strangled fat." Here is how. Picture if you can that underneath your skin is a mesh work of collagen fibers (septae) that resemble "fish net stockings." In the subcutaneous level of your skin, your fat cells are held in place by this fish net. When your fat cells are not "bloated" with water and/or fat, nothing sticks through the threads and everything looks nice.

BUT, and here is where the drainage problem comes in, when water and/or fat enters the fat cells, they bulge, if your cellulite metabolism is working right, your body makes the corrections necessary and drains the area. If it is not working correctly or is overloaded (unfortunately this is what happens in over 90% of women) the fat cells expand against the collagen threads of your fish net stocking and the fat cells bulge out and like sausage links that are twisted at the ends, cannot escape! The cellulite is here to stay because it cannot be drained out no matter how much you exercise or diet. The end result of all this disturbed metabolism is the formation of scar tissue which further contributes to the formation of cellulite.

We should note here that in cases of being overweight or obese, two levels of fat cells exist beneath the subcutaneous skin layer. While they themselves cannot be affected by cellulite, when they enlarge they push against the upper fat cells making the cellulite appear that much worse.

How Cellulite Develops

How Come You Got Cellulite?

1. Thanks Mom! - All the factors that make you predisposed to developing cellulite can be inherited from Mom. If Mom has cellulite, you almost assuredly develop cellulite.

2. Thanks Kids! - Pregnancy can cause cellulite. In preparing your body to give birth, it secretes hormones that "loosens" things up to allow parts of you to stretch more than you would believe possible. This means that a lot of connective and supportive soft tissue is becoming weak or "lax" and not holding things (including fat) in place. Can you imagine your skin not stretching over your abdomen and remaining tight and resilient for 9 months?

Pregnancy also causes "The Drainage Problem." This is why you retain water in your legs and ankles, pregnancy causing problems of circulation, effecting that very drainage system needed to get rid of water and fat in your fat cells in your subcutaneous skin level in your butt, thighs and hips!

3. The Drainage Problem - A Sluggish Lymphatic System - The lymphatic system of the body is the waste removal system. When the lymph system gets bogged down carrying more "garbage" than it can handle, cellulite can develop. What bogs down the lymph system? Lot's of things, mostly things you can control like the toxins from cigarettes, alcohol, heavily processed foods, excess fats, refined sugars, and free radicals from oxidative stress.

Chronic infections, autoimmune disorders and other health issues also bog down the lymph system. When you clog up the lymph system, it cannot drain the fat and water from your celluilte areas.

4. Obesity - Obesity in itself may not cause cellulite, but it will make the situation look a lot worse as explained above.

5. Liposuction - What? Liposuction causes Celluilte? Any medical procedure to the areas of highest cellulite risk can cause cellulite to worsen in appearance. During medical procedures connective tissue gets damaged, stretched, distorted. Damaged connective tissue can mean cellulite. If you get a "Run" in your "Fish Nets," your legs, no matter how shapely, just won't look as good.

How Mesotherapy Attacks Cellulite

So How Can Mesotherapy Help?

Mesotherapy allows those medications, enzymes and vitamins that can improve circulation and drainage as well as dissolve scar tissue and shrink fat to penetrate where they can work best. The results speak for themselves. Provided your mesotherapy practitioner classifies you as a good candidate and uses the appropriate formulas most people can expect gratifying results. Remember, though, you didn't get cellulite overnight so it won't dissappear in a day. Mesotherapy for cellulite can take 10-15 treatments before significant results are apparent.

What If It Isn't Cellulite?

Not infrequently women seek improvement for what they think is cellulite. An experienced mesotherapy practitioner can tell you if your condition is representative of uncomplicated cellulite or whether sun damage, skin laxity, and excessive previous liposuction are contributing to the unwanted appearance of your legs. If this is the case your results may not be as good and other treatments should be sought.

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