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Anti Aging Treatment

American life expectancy has increased from 47 in 1900 to 77 in 2007. It is important to remember that this number is an overall average, which includes every person born, no matter how short their life might be. In 1900, average life expectancy appeared disproportionately short because of very high infant mortality, numerous serious childhood diseases, and also because of the high numbers of women who died in childbirth or shortly thereafter. Reducing infant mortality, reducing the incidence of childhood diseases and reducing the number of women who die bearing children have been three of the most significant factors in changing the overall life expectancy.

Life Expectancy Increase Factors Include:

  • Preventing and curing diseases
  • Medical and pharmaceutical treatment advances
  • Increased affluence, affording better living conditions
  • Better education
  • Improved overall sanitation and hygiene
  • Safer, healthier working conditions

Anti-Aging Medicine Includes:

  • Hormonal (including bio-identical hormones), such as DHEA, growth hormone, androgens, testosterone, oestrogens
  • Antioxidants, such as vitamins, resveratrol, glutathione, co-enzyme Q10 etc
  • Antiglycators, such as carnosine, aminoguanidine, tenisletam, and cross link-breakers such as Alagebrium (ALT 711)
  • Methylators, such as TMG, SAMe
  • Nootropics, such as ginkgo biloba, memantine, bacopa, centrophenoxine, piracetam
  • Anti-agers, such as Deprenyl, melatonin, and caloric restriction mimetics, such as Metformin
  • Lifestyle, including hormesis/stress, brain exercises, physical exercise, calorie restriction, and general health education
  • Technology such as nanotechnology, and genetic technology
  • Treatment for specific age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis
  • Cosmetics against ageing of the skin, such as Botox, Isolagen, collagen, face lifts
  • Less well-accepted such as chelation, human stem cells, cell therapy, immune therapies
  • Complementary treatments such as plants and nutrients which protect against specific illnesses (cassia, rutin etc)
  • Treatment of conditions (diabetes, hypothyroidism, menopause, andropause) at a pre-clinical level.

Anti-aging medicine has tended to focus on age conscious consumer’s desires to look good, feel good, and live as long as possible. Anti-aging medicine has tended to focus on hormone therapies, supplements, skin care treatments including laser skin resurfacing, Botox treatments and plastic surgery.

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